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The “About Series” rolls on!

Welcome to today’s post where I’m continuing the “About Series” put out there by Steve at Think Save Retire. It’s essentially a challenge to other bloggers to write more about themselves, their blog, and what not so we can get more of a sense of who they are by giving more details than what is on their “about” page. I took our next life’s formatting and some questions from their  “About” post because I liked how it was structured, so thanks guys! Without further ado, here is About: Slowly Sipping Coffee.

Why did we start this blog

To be honest, we started it mainly to document what we were going to be doing. It was meant as a way to keep us focused on FIRE, now FFLC, and maybe connect with other people out there doing the same thing. We didn’t come across too many people trying to achieve FIRE with kids when we had been perusing the blogosphere, so we thought we would blog about our journey. It was also initially intended to be a side income deal  once we kick-off our FFLC, but now I don’t know that we will go that route. Who knows what the future may hold though, maybe there will be some ads in the future, and we’ll try to harvest those pennies, but until then, Meh….

What’s the point of SSC

Slowly Sipping Coffee is really our way to keep focused on our goals. I hadn’t been on board with this whole FIRE idea, because the few blogs that Mrs. SSC had sent me to were filled with uber extreme minimalists and ER folks. Everyone has their own idea of what is minimal and what is extravagant, and I didn’t see us being able to do this to our comfort level. When I did get on board with it, this blog seemed to be a good way to stay true to that, and put another FIRE perspective out there.

Won't you join us in our journey? It's less weird than this graffiti I promise!

Won’t you join us in our journey? It’s less weird than this graffiti I promise!

What do we get out of it

I get an outlet to write, and you guys get subjected to my drivel each week, HA! Seriously, though I get a lot out of it. Beyond getting to tap into my creative side by coming up with post ideas, I like getting to think about things, post work life, family life, and everything in between. It helps me to think about how this is all interconnected and how one little thing affects everything else. I mean, I went from reading exactly zero blogs  on personal finance, retirement, investing, and all that to being able to hold my own with a financial planner one-on-one in his office (that’s a whole separate post – maybe even two). I now read numerous blogs each week and like catching up with you guys out there in blog-ville. Seeing other people move their dates up, back, sideways, and reading about all the other motivations you guys have for wanting to FIRE has been great. Thanks to everyone out there that puts out good posts, and remind me each week that we’re actually doing this!

What’s the name all about

The name came up almost as organically as the blog idea did. We were literally sitting there sipping coffee on one of our Friday mornings off, when I said, “We should start a blog!” Once we decided we’d become bloggers, we had to pick a name. We had some interesting choices, most of which I forget now, so see, we chose wisely. Ultimately, we settled on the name Slowly Sipping Coffee, because except for our every other Friday’s off, we don’t get the luxury to sit and slowly sip anything.* With two toddlers running around, the weekends start at ~5-5:30 am and we can’t sit down and relax again until around 7-8 pm when they’re in bed, and actually staying there… We imagined our FIRE life being more of a, “get up, get the kids off to the bus stop, wave goodbye, and then head inside to get some coffee and go sit on the back deck or front porch and enjoy the view before we start our day.” Since we want the freedom and time to get to slowly sip anything, we thought it went hand in hand with what this blog is about. Plus, I’m a BIG coffee drinker, and that’s why it isn’t slowly sipping milkshakes, slowly sipping tea, or slowly sipping bourbon, which is really the only way it should be enjoyed.

What’s in our blog header

Our blog header is a picture the Mrs. took on a family trip out to Tahoe. It’s some beautiful country, and since we want to retire to mountains, we thought it was fitting. At the time, we were still scouring the Rockies for places, so it fit well with that. We may have to update it to some more Appalachian style views when we go visit out there. Until then, here’s one from a past trip.

We are hoping we will have a view like this from our porch!

We are hoping we will have a view like this from our porch!

Who writes our blog

It started off as a joint venture, but I do 98% of the writing now (that’s Mr. SSC). I like writing and except that I can tend to be really long winded even while typing, it comes easier for me than Mrs. SSC. She does make a good editor though, especially in the earlier days when I was still trying to find my voice and tended to blather on and on, and go on “shiny” mid-post tangents that make no sense but seemed to be important at the time, like this sentence. 🙂

Where do we think the blog is headed

I’m not too sure where the blog is headed, but we just hit our 1 year anniversary, so that’s pretty awesome! I like to think that it will be around when things get more interesting and we can be like Living AFI and post our actual FFLC experiences instead of our “working to get to FFLC” experiences.

Random fun facts about us we’ve never shared before

I am a big “Dead” head – enough so that I “burned out” Mrs. SSC on their music, she alleges. At least solo commuting I can crank it up on the way to and from work. That or bluegrass depending on the mood. But really, I like both kinds of music, Country and Western. 😉

Yep, that's my favorite mug to drink coffee from.

Yep, that’s my favorite mug to drink coffee from.

The Mrs. and I met as interns in New Orleans – yep, it’s an oil patch love story.

If money wasn’t an issue I’d be teaching and I wouldn’t be looking for oil. It was fun having an intern this year that knew nothing about petroleum geology or the industry and getting to teach her all of that stuff and see the “light bulb moment” when she got a new concept.

Pre FIRE Mr. SSC was horrible with money. Beyond my credit card and student loan boondoggles, I would buy musical instruments I didn’t know how to play thinking it would be a good idea to learn a new instrument. Ultimately, they would sit there and I would end up not playing them. I still occasionally find myself online thinking, “I’ve always wanted to play the cello….”


* – We work a 9-80 schedule where we work 9 hr days 4 days a week, and every other Friday is an 8 hr day. This leads to having every other Friday off, which is pretty dang awesome!

10 thoughts on “The “About Series” rolls on!

  1. Steve

    Hey Mr. SSC, very nice contribution! Thanks for continuing the series, and it’s always nice getting some juicy details on other blogs that I read. I think your story about how your blog started (“Hey, we should start a blog!”) is probably pretty similar to others in this community – it sure is mine!

    It’s nice to have context to your header photo, too. We always used to vacation at Lake Tahoe as a kid when I lived in California. Rented a cabin in the winter pretty much every year. Lots of fun. Lots of snow. 🙂

    Thanks for the post! Now, back to my coffee.

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      Ohhh… back to your coffee, zing! haha I wish there was a funnier story behind starting the blog, but nope, starbucks sidewalk sipping coffee (I know…) and our blog was born.
      We had SO many great photos of Tahoe, it was hard to find “the one” but yep, that’s where it was from. I was chauffeur that whole trip, and my day off I packed my fly rod, turned Grateful Dead XM channel on and drove and fished and drove and fished, all day. It was great!

  2. Our Next Life

    Love your continuation of the series! Your vision of having time to sit and sip sounds perfect. We don’t have kids, but still have precious little time to savor anything. In the morning, it’s knock-back-that-coffee-and-get-to-work. (Oh, and maybe comment on a few blogs.) 😉 Now that I know you’re roasting your own coffee, that coffee you’ll plan to sip more slowly sounds even more delicious!

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      Yeah, you guys beat me to it, so I re-crafted and waited to post, lol. Sriously, the whole thought of needing a good view, some trees and seasons to watch come and go wile we can enjoy the luxury of slowly sipping all sorts of beverages stuck with us, Like FFLC instead of FIRE. I get up and try to get as much done before the kids wake, and can usually get A cup in before I leave with my to-go cup. Can’t wait for simpler times.

  3. Fervent Finance

    Great learning more about you guys! Your work schedule is pretty cool. I work more than 9 hours a day and don’t get every other Friday off 🙂

    We definitely seem to get the same things out of our blogs and reading others. Keep it up!

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      I love the 9-80’s! When I changed jobs that was one of my main requirements, because I don’t know how I’d handle working all 5 days, every week. It sounds weird, but I just cherish those Fridays off, it’s like you get a little gift from work twice a month.
      I’ve gotten more out of the blog than I would have thought when we started to be honest. it’s been fun!

  4. Luke Fitzgerald @ FinanciallyFitz

    Enjoyed reading these fun facts! I like reading the details about how and why people get started.

    I’m with you about writing. Never could have imagined enjoying it but it has been a great (new) hobby. It’s fun to think about why you think about things 🙂

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      Thanks, I like reading more “about” stuff from other bloggers sometimes than their take on finance and stuff. I like that too, but it’s a good break sometimes to get to know more about the people you read so much about. 🙂 Great idea Steve! It is a new hobby I wouldn’t have imagined I’ve gotten so much out of in so many ways.

  5. Mark@BareBudgetGuy

    I love the fact you guys are documenting your progress and emphasizing that you have kids. That’s what I want to know about. Seriously, if you’re a DINK, you almost have to try to not retire early.

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      You would think that, but one of our co-workers just retired at the end of this month after 42 years as a petroleum geologist, and her husband retired 6 years ago as a pharmacist, both DINK and lived modestly… She did not want to give it up man.
      Back in Sane-ville, we are trying our best to retire early. Especially with this whole layoff shake-up, as it has us thinking about a lot of things in a different light. We’ll keep you posted for sure!

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