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Guest Post – FI for Noobs!

Happy Friday everybody! This is just a short post letting you know that we are featured in a guest post for Kara over at From Frugal to Free: Frugal adventures on the road to financial freedom. She’s another great example of paying off a lot of debt (~$25k) while only making ~$30k per year. You don’t need a 6 figure income to pay down debt, or start planning for your own FI (Financial Independence).

When I was younger, I mistakenly believed if I made more money, things would get easier/better, etc… I didn’t realize then what she already has, which is, if you manage your money correctly, it doesn’t really matter how much you make, you can still pay off debt and work towards FIRE (Financial Independence/Early Retirement). She has a lot of great advice, tips, and personal experiences shared on her blog so bounce over there and check it out. Thanks again Kara for having us on your blog!

Everybody have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back next week!

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