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July 2015 Update

July was a rather boring mundane month, and after all the unexpected costs in June, I’ll take it! Boring is good on some levels, especially when it relates to out of pocket spending. For the most part, we’re on track with our predicted FFLC budget, and on an upside, July was our third cheapest month of spending this year. This has been good for us keeping a more detailed look at the finances to be able to see how accurate our predictions are for our FFLC number. Based on the year’s spending to date, it looks like our yearly budget is running right around $54k. This is inline with what we’re thinking so our target date remains unchanged. That may change in 8 weeks, but for now, we’ll just move forward as if things are good all around. Now to discuss some budget numbers!

July pie


As far as specifics go, the pet’s column is a little high again due to taking Lola to the vet for a baseline checkup and get her flea/tick preventer and heartworm meds. We should be good for staying away from the vet for a while now, but you never know. Groceries were a bit higher than usual, but that’s probably due to the Mother-in-law being at the house for about 3 weeks. Mrs. SSC had some allergies flare up and then turn into bronchitis, so the medical bumped up a bit. She’s fine, but had a continuous cough for almost a month… Due to the ridiculous heat, yes I know it is summer in the Gulf South, our utilities are higher as well, and that’s just keeping the house around 78… Blech…

Numbers, numbers, everywhere...

Numbers, numbers, everywhere…

On the plus side, it looks like the car repair/gas/toll is down from what is typical, woohoo for that! Phone/internet/tv is down due to the plan switching, although do I have a gripe with the new guys. I’ll save that for later though.


Yeah no more tall bars!

Yeah no more tall bars!

Thank goodness for an easy no surprises month. Whew! It was a welcome relief after June’s outflow of cash. I hope your spending has stayed reigned in and your month went as well as ours!


10 thoughts on “July 2015 Update

  1. Steve

    Keep up the good work, Mr. SSC! Am I reading the table right that daycare’s costs sometimes exceed…the mortgage (in March and June, for example)?

    And I agree, there’s nothing wrong with mundane months every once in a while, especially as it relates to finances. No unexpected costs = a good month. 🙂

  2. Mr SSC Post author

    Thanks! And, Oh, you’re definitely reading it right, daycare costs sometimes do exceed the mortgage! 5 week months and all that add up. I think our daycare averages out to ~$23k/ year, and the mortgage is almost the exact same. So, it will be nice when that $46k/yr is eliminated from the budget. Another reason our FFLC date and number can be so much less than what our current spending is.

    1. Steve

      Phew! I had no idea daycare was that expensive (I’ve also heard it’s real tough to get into sometimes). Yup, with $46k eliminated from your yearly budget, that will make everything so much easier to manage from an early retirement perspective. Your costs drop more than half! 🙂

      That’s gonna be a real, real sweet day.

      1. Mr SSC Post author

        Definitely! That was another reason we were so focused on living in a decently ranked public school area. Closer to work, we’d save the commute costs, but the public schools are so poor that we would end up having to pay for private school, elementary – high school. That runs about $13k/yr per kid! GAH!!! I didn’t pay that much in tuition per year for either degree!
        For now, we’re just counting down to grade school for the oldest next fall. Then we “get some money back” that we can invest towards our FFLC. 🙂

  3. Claudia @ Two Cup House

    Wow! I thought we were the only ones with outrageous utility bills. We keep our house around 78, too!! Our electricity and water bills are some of the highest I’ve seen when compared to everyone we follow, which is one of the reasons we’re moving.

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      Yeah and that’s keeping it at 78… With the triple digit heat wave we’ve had the last few weeks, the AC still struggles to keep up in the afternoon. I can’t wait to move and get away from the Gulf South. I miss the weather that allows you to open your windows and be comfortable.

  4. Our Next Life

    I just got a little nauseous seeing how high your daycare expenses are. That must be even harder for YOU to stomach! :::shudder::: Though I guess that’s just how it is these days. Since we don’t have kids, we’re a big insulated from that expense, and had no idea it cost parents quite that much.

    That aside, looks like you guys are doing well on the other measures this month. We were just happy that July ended with a bigger net worth number than June did! 🙂

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      Congrats on the net worth number moving upward! Upward is always good!
      Daycare is a really BIG cost. We’re fortunate to be able to cover it, but I have to actively avoid thinking about it and how much that could help boost our FFLC date. Then it gets sickening. Oh well… 🙂

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