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Choose FI Podcast Interview: How we got here and even more SSC household background!

A while back I got an email request to do an interview with the guys over at ChooseFI and thanks again to reader Isaac and others who recommended us for an interview. It was really fun to do and was released on their podcast this morning!

The link to that interview can be found here.

Interview Details

In the interview I discuss a lot of our backstory, more so than we’ve gone into on the blog, and how Mrs. SSC is the big driver for our Fully Funded Lifestyle Change (FFLC). You can learn my name (gasp!), even more details about how we got on track for FFLC, find out more about the lure of “the spreadsheet that drives it all” and even more about how dense I was with realizing that “retiring early” was a real concept that could happen without making ridiculous sacrifices. Seriously, it only took me 6 years to believe it could happen. Bonus points to try and see how many times Mrs. SSC come out as the hero in our story. Hint: It’s a lot…


Choose FI Background

If you haven’t heard of Choose FI, they’re a couple of guys, Jonathan and Brad, that started their personal finance blog and podcast, ChooseFI. It covers everything from college issues, investing outside your 401k, travel hacking, debt payoff, and even making the perfect cup of coffee.

They’ve got a plethora of articles and podcasts to appeal to all kinds of readers, so make sure to check them out over at ChooseFI.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and let me know what you think!

5 thoughts on “Choose FI Podcast Interview: How we got here and even more SSC household background!

  1. John

    Hello. Fellow Houstonian here. Nice job on the podcast this morning. Your advice to the young folks in your office resonates with me. I was fortunate to receive the same message from a mentor 20 years ago. It has paid off for me. You save to have choices…giving you freedom.


  2. Mrs. BITA

    Awesome! I’m not done with the whole thing yet – I just had to listen to a little bit over my coffee break at work because I was so curious to hear your voice. Congratulations on landing the podcast!

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