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Favorite Blogs

Here are some of our favorite blogs – the ones we check out all the time, in no particular order…

Think Save Retire

our next life

Bare Budget Guy

Ditching the Daily Grind

Go Curry Cracker

Fervent Finance

Mr. Money Mustache

1500 Days

The Money Mine

Retire by 40

Eat the Financial Elephant

Frugal Farmer


Below are two of my favorite retirement simulators… some day soon, I’ll write a post about them:




If there are any amazing blogs or tools out there that you think we are missing – drop us a line!

13 thoughts on “Favorite Blogs

  1. Mr. Captain Cash


    Wanted to stop by and say thank you. I was aware of the retirement calculator FIREcalc but had never seen cFIREsim before stumbling across your blog. Thank you this calculator is awesome.

  2. Mariana Cisowska

    I found your blog through Mark from Bare Budget Guy and really enjoy it. I will definitely be checking out your posts 🙂

    And as an fyi, half of the list of you ‘favorite’ blogs are my favorite blogs as well. Small World

    1. Mr SSC

      Thanks! Some have slowed down and quit posting, but still have some great material and posts back in their archives. Enjoy making your way through the list!

    1. Mr SSC

      I enjoy reading the articles and it’s a nice blend of different perspectives from you guys all found in the same place!

  3. EL

    Great list of blogs, and I’ve played around with a bunch of calculators. Have you checked out the Financial mentor he has a ton of them. Also Personal capital has one but you have to have an account with them to utilize it.

    1. Mr SSC

      Thanks, and I haven’t checked out the financial mentor’s site but will head over there. Personal Capital’s calculator has worked for us too, I just wanted to mention a few I’d found around the internet.

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