Slowly Sipping Coffee

Lifestyle Change Progress

coffee mugsThis is where we will give mini-updates on our progress to our Fully Funded Lifestyle Change (FFLC) and our proximity to our investment/savings target.

We plan to implement our FFLC budget later this year and will be posting about that, and hopefully providing some charts or graphs about that here as well.

As of August 15, 2018 we are 87% to our most recent adjusted goal! This has dropped from the low 90’s where we were about 3 months ago. This is due in part to putting down ~2/3 of our OK home cost as a down payment. Now that we’re starting our “new” Lifestyle Change, what is our new goal?

Now that our current plan has relocated us out of Texas, and away from the Canyon Lake Plan, our number has crept back up a little. I will be leaving my job at the end of October 2018 when my remote work assignment ends, and become a full-time Stay At Home Dad, SAHD. Mrs. SSC began her new job teaching and plans to be there at least 6 years. If she gets tenure, who knows how much longer she may work past that. In short, our Fully Funded Lifestyle Change has begun!

We are almost a year ahead of schedule, but since the dates have moved forward and backward so often, I’m not surprised.

Stay tuned for updates as this journey reveals itself to us and we begin living our new Fully Funded Lifestyle!