Slowly Sipping Coffee

Retirement Progress

coffee mugsHere is where we are going to show how close we are to our investment goal… How close we are to donating the work clothes to Goodwill, putting away our work shoes and permanently donning flip flops or hiking boots…  I know right now it seems like a long road, especially at 6am as I roll into the parking garage and head to the office. I always remind myself, our road is shorter than most, and with some planning and some luck, it won’t be long until we are waking each morning, brewing a nice pot of coffee, and sitting on our porch, slowly sipping coffee….

As of August 15, 2017 we are 97% to our goal! Maybe we’re closer and this is back calculated to where we’ll be in May 2019, but for now, 97% of the way there sounds good. We’re close but can’t quite throw in the towel yet.

Expected FFLC date is currently May 2019!