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Time for Thanksgiving!

Hey guys, it’s that time of the year where we get to hang out with family, relax, maybe watch some football, and cook some good food. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m taking this week off from writing a thorough finance related post. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because of the focus around spending time with family and coming together around food. I like to do a lot of the cooking at our house, and I enjoy doing that for everyone. Having loved ones around to get to share a meal or three with makes that much more special for me.

My favorite pics of the kids!

The rest of the family!

Hopefully you also get some down time to spend with your family or loved ones, and you have a great holiday. That’s what we’ll be doing around our household.

Until next week, I hope you have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe!

13 thoughts on “Time for Thanksgiving!

  1. Mrs.Wow

    I’m thankful for getting to meet you and getting to hang out a bunch at FinCon. Hopefully, we’ll get the chance to meet the Mrs and the rest of the SSC clan one of these days. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Mrs. COD

    Happy Thanksgiving to the SSC crew! Looks like some good relaxation going on! My first two pies are in the oven and two batches of Mrs. Picky Pincher’s rolls are already done! Kiddos are happily playing with Grandma so all is well with the world. Enjoy your holiday and glad you didn’t feel pressured to write a big detailed post today!

  3. Mr. Groovy

    Hey, Mrs. SSC. You’re a very lucky man. The pictures of the kids and dogs confirm it. Hope Thanksgiving went well. Now it’s on to Christmas and more posts. Cheers.

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