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An SSC Interview: A FIRE side chat with The Green Swan

Good morning everyone! Today we’re featured over at The Green Swan for one of his FIRE side chats. This is an interview series that JW has developed that has featured a lot of great bloggers and has a lot of different interview questions which makes for a good read.

If you haven’t made it to the Green Swan before check out his other posts while you’re there. I came across his blog and liked it because of the first post I read Garden Like a Boss! Use a Rain Barrel. I was looking into a better way to keep the garden watered and he had a good solution. He’s had a good run of posts on whether or not his solar panels have paid out, which was something else I was interested in with our current house. Like us, they also have a kid (and another on the way) and write about their path to Financial Independence though frugal living, good portfolio setups, and building his passive income, and his side business nicknamed The Green Condor. I like his writing style, content, and hearing about their journey to Financial Independence.

I hope you like our interview and finding a new blog if you haven’t come across the Green Swan yet. Thanks again for having us JW!

3 thoughts on “An SSC Interview: A FIRE side chat with The Green Swan

  1. The Green Swan

    Thanks for those kind words, Mr. SSC! It was great hearing more about your story during our FIRE-Side chat. We definitely have a lot in common and I think it was you who initially pointed out how we are doppelgangers.

    Quick update on the kid front, we just had our second! Born on April 1st! We’re now a house of four with two little boys.

    1. Mr SSC Post author

      Whoa, congrats!! Hope it all went okay, and that’s awesome news!

      Yep, I’d have to say around the PF blogosphere, you guys are definitely close to being our doppelgangers. 🙂

      Thanks again for having us for an interview, it was fun!

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