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March 2016: Our money went where?

Well, folks… I have to say that the SSC’s are off to a fine start for 2016 and I am kind of proud of us.  So far, we’ve spent about $6800 this month. While it’s a little more than the last two months, it isn’t by much.  We had an extra $113 for our greyhound’s yearly vet visit, plus about $450 in home improvement spending, which was doing springtime work on the garden and yard.   Also – healthcare costs were higher, as I had to pay a bill from January, since I hadn’t met my deductible yet.


You can see from the chart that compared to our monthly average from last year, we are doing just fine.

Looking at how our current spending falls into our FIRE estimated budget- details on how we estimate that here – we are looking at a yearly spending of ~$43,000, assuming no mortgage.  That is WAY below the $55k/year we are planning for, of course, we haven’t had any travel or big bills like car insurance due yet this year… so that FIRE estimate of $43k is probably not entirely realistic.

Other good news this month – I got my bonus!  It wasn’t as large as previous years since the oil and gas industry is struggling, but I won’t turn down the extra $10k. Especially since Mr. SSC’s company didn’t give out any cash bonuses this year.*

Looking forward to next month, we have a weekend trip planned for Mr. SSC to try his hand at his first half-marathon, so there will be some minimal travel expenses for gas and dog sitters.  I just finished our taxes last weekend, and if we are lucky the IRS will be cutting us a check for $2100 next month.  The car insurance is coming due – so that is about $800 we will have to say good-bye to which will show up next month.

Other good news – my brother got engaged this month to a super smart girl who I think will put his finances in order and run a tight ship.  I am glad that he is giving up the position of being CFO of his life.  Although, I do feel guilty about being slightly annoyed that we are going to have to shell out a decent amount of dough next year for a flower girl dress, a suit for our oldest, and possibly a bridesmaid’s dress, on top of some hefty travel expenses.  But, we are a close-knit family and family is more important than money.  So, while I don’t really mind spending the money – it still hurts a little bit.

As many of you know, the stock market behaved in a more pleasing trend last month than it had been the first part of the year, so it is nice seeing our net worth moving upwards instead of downwards.  Hopefully that sort of positive trend continues.  Heck, at this point, I would be happy with a flat trend 🙂

So, how did March go for y’all?  You feeling some springtime optimism too?

Mr. SSC interjection – Has the snow melted out MT way, or wherever the ONL’s live? Mr. SSC’s tomato plants already have tomato’s on them and our citrus trees are loaded up with little fruit buds after blooming last month. These are exactly the sort of things that have Mr. SSC thinking from moving from the Gulf Coast to “Southern Canada” out West that could be quite a shock – hence renting instead of buying for the first few years. Thoughts anyone?

* –  Mr. SSC side note – Booo… We did get a stock dealio that will pay out over 3 years, however, that means I won’t see the last year of it, so Double Boo…  However, I still get a paycheck every 2 weeks, so yeah for my company not doing mass layoffs yet…

18 thoughts on “March 2016: Our money went where?

    1. Mrs SSC Post author

      Yeah – graphs like this for months like this make me feel like we are doing something right!

  1. amber tree

    Spending less than last year is a good achievement! well done. Most people have lifestyle inflation…

    Goos that our brother has soon a new CFO for his life… I like that thinking.

    1. Mrs SSC Post author

      Maybe we should start using the phrase ‘lifestyle deflation’… see if we can get that to catch on.

    1. Mr SSC

      It’s still better than nothing, and I should end up with part of it at the least. 🙂 It’s nice to see the graphs getting closer and closer to FI.

    1. Mr SSC

      The daycare costs do suck; suck a whole lot of money out of our accounts, lol.

      I’m also excited that his fiance is reasonable and not like the alst few he’s been dating. Whew… She should be great at getting him more grounded and definitely being the Captain of their ship. 🙂

  2. Prudence Debtfree

    That’s a sweet bonus you’re getting! And if your daughter is anything like mine was, she will LOVE being a flower girl. All the best to Mr. SC as he prepares for the half-marathon. That must explain the recent weight loss and the need to wear a smaller size of jeans : )

    1. Mr SSC

      Mrs. SSC’s bonus is a nice boost. I think our daughter will love being the flower girl.

      I can say my pants are fitting more loosely as I’m around the 10 lb mark on weight dropped since February. That was a nice side benefit. 🙂

  3. mattattack08

    Just reviewed the first quarter. I didn’t do so well. I went over budget by $1500 for the quarter! But at least I have a good target to aim for. Here’s to a better Q2.

    1. Mrs SSC Post author

      One thing about going over budget, is that when you beat the budget the next quarter, it feels so good! Sometimes we just have crazy stuff that happens – I think last year we had two horrible months. I recall in June it seemed like everything broke in the house, and in November we had to replace the AC. Sometimes you just can plan for that.

  4. Our Next Life

    Oh my gosh, you guys have TOMATOES already?! And citrus buds?! It’s still snowfest over here, though it’s warming and melting rapidly. I had contemplated growing a few strawberries in a container this year, but our growing season is just so darn short. Of course you could get a longer season by just living a little lower than we do. 🙂 Not far from us, there are apple and cherry trees blossoming, so that’s something.

    Congrats on the bonus, at least for Professor SSC! Sorry about the stock options, Mr. SSC… but I suppose that’s better than nothing! It’s like in my bonus last year, when they said, “we’re adding to your long-term retention fund, so you’ll get $5K more in… 2018.” I just hope my face didn’t give it all away — LOL.

    I’m doing a big catch-up (sorry to be so late on this, you guys!), but hoping there’s a half marathon update in your next post!!

    1. Mr SSC

      Yep, we have tomatoes already! About 8 so far, which is quadruple the yield from alst year, lol. The colalrds made it through the winter and we’ve gotten 5 harvests off of them, the brussel sprouts need to be harvested, and our lettuce is really taking off too. I’m excited about the citrus trees as well, which is probably why we’ll have to ahve a greenhouse of some sort when we go West. Too much work put into those trees to just leave them. 🙂

  5. Dividendsdownunder


    That graph looks pretty cool as nearly all the blue ones are lower than the red ones, which means you had a frugaltastic month compared to last year.

    I definitely agree on the wedding’s a shame they cost so much and you’re not even the ones getting married! But like you say, family is the most important. What’s the point of having all the money in the world without family?


    1. Mr SSC

      At least for that month, things look great! April may be a different story with some spending for another raised bed garden, and other random things that popped up, but I enver really know until it all gets tallied.

      It will be a fun adventure and trip just the same, and to get to be there to support the brother-in-law on finally settling down will be good too.

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